Kim Kuhteubl is an award-winning producer, writer and member of the Producer’s Guild Of America. Her short films have screened nationally and internationally in countries like Africa, United States, Iran, England and the country where she was born and raised Canada.

Kim wrote and produced Nigel’s Fingerprint, which toured with the Toronto International Film Festival’s Sprockets Globetrotters Series and screened at multiple festivals including the Seattle International Film Festival. It won The Kodak Award for Best Canada Short, the Roshd Diploma of Honor in Iran and a nomination for a Melvin Van Peebles Award in San Francisco. Pre-licensed for broadcast on The Independent Film Channel (IFC), a radio version of the film was also commissioned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Canada’s largest broadcaster. Kim’s first film, The Best Girl, which she also wrote and produced, screened at festivals including thePalm Spring International Festival and The Hollywood Black Film Festival and was licensed by CBC andBRAVO!.

As an actor, Kim has performed in and produced a variety of indie theatre productions including Suffragette Koans at the Little Victory Theatre in Burbank. She has also lent her voice to animated and radio series including Jacob Two Two's First Spy Case with Eugene Levy; Pelswick with David Arquette and an adaptation of Margaret Atwood's, The Handmaid's Tale with Shirley Douglas. Her 1-woman show Pigeon hatched at The Toronto International Fringe Festival and was also produced by NEXTFest in Edmonton and at The New York International Fringe Festival.  Playing to more than one sold-out audience, New York's On Broadway - XM28 Radio chose the play as one of its "Top 10 Fringe Picks" (out of 199 shows).

Her first book Branding + Interior Design, a history of marketing, branding and visibility in the interior design industry is available for purchase here.