Dare To Compare

Comparison is the thief of joy, Teddy Roosevelt once said but comparison is also a tool we use to gather information.

Usually when you compare yourself to others, it's because you see that they have something that you want. You might be wishing you could have that too, or you’re angry because you know you can have it, but it isn’t getting to you fast enough.

That’s because comparison is also a passive form of competition, and competition is what so much of doing business was traditionally about. The competitive mind has us looking at each other wondering why somebody else has more than we do, why they got what we’ve always wanted.

It drives sharp bargains, grounds us in the belief that supply is limited and has us living in fear that someone else is going to beat you to it. The competitive mind believes that people will only want the work you do because its cheap or free. Or in the case of some desperados, that winning at all costs, even by cheating, is the only way forward.

But the competitive mind and the creative one operate quite differently *|FNAME|*.
The competitive mind likes to compare because it seems more civilized than duking it out for the win but it’s much more crafty and harmful. Because when you're busy comparing yourself to this, that and everyone else, you put less focus on being in the moment, on being you. You step out of alignment and onto the precipice of self-doubt. You stop being creative.
The creative mind on the other hand is focused inward. It understands that your innate gifts, your creativity is how you can uniquely be of service, how you can understand the world more deeply. It builds bridges between where you are now and where others want to go. It is collaborative. Its nature is win/win. The creative mind doesn’t think that you will never get what you want, that you’ll never get there. The creative mind trusts in fit and right timing.
It knows that your dreams are yours and yours alone and it is impossible for any other person to inhabit or receive what has been intended for you. That’s because the creative mind is aligned.


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