You may have a way that you always do things.
You always pay your bills on the first of the month.
You always get three quotes when hiring a potential vendor regardless of fit.
You always check at least three references.
You always eat salad at lunch and go to the gym twice a week because you would never hike on weekend day. Too busy.
You are always the invisible one, the one who doesn't speak up, the one who knows she has so much more to say but you always end up taking care of everyone else, first. 

Here’s the thing. If you’re asking for a new result, a new level of success, a new way of being, those things that you always do will have to change.
Not because they’re broken.

Not because they don't work, or aren’t “good business practice”, or smart, or responsible.

Not because there is anything technically wrong with what you’re doing.

Those things you're doing, including the things you have to do, will change because they no longer fit who you know you are meant to be.
If your goal is to grow, to do well by yourself, your family and your community, to be a leader, know that this new way of being will always require a new way of doing. What is right is not the same as what is right, now.

You wouldn't try and set a bouquet of roses in a thimble, would you? So why are you trying to squish yourself into a smaller version of your life?

Well? What are you willing to change?