When Intuition Screws You Up

Here’s the thing, we don’t really know where intuition comes from, except that it comes from within. Since its origins don’t relate to anything on the objective plane, many people let their intellect step in and tell them their intuition, that gut feeling, is wrong. Because the choices your intuition causes you to make rarely look perfect on paper.
The trouble is that many times people mistake an “impression”, the voice of fear, their inner critic, their ego, or someone else whose voice is louder than their own inside their head, for intuition. When the result of following what they hear proves different from what they expected, they lose faith. But the problem wasn’t their intuition; it was their perception.
Following your intuition doesn’t mean that every result that happens after you listen to it will be butterflies and bunny rabbits. If your soul wants you to learn something, it might throw you off the cliff. It’s teaching you that you can handle it. It wants you to fly.
It also wants you to grow, to exchange the old for the new, the good for the better because you can’t receive what’s missing if you tenaciously cling to what is. Difficulties and obstacles will be part of the growth process until you understand the wisdom they bring. Besides dealing with them is infinitely easier than dealing with the repercussions of not following your intuition at all.
Are you listening?