Bars On Windows

Bars On Windows

Blame it on our hunter and gatherer ancestors but one of our core human values is safety. Looking up the meaning of that word in the dictionary is not very satisfying but it’s “safe” to say that the concept relates to the fact that every single human being wants shelter, well-being and protection for themselves, their friends and their children, for the people they love.

We Are The Majority

I woke up feeling pretty heavy yesterday. November 8th was not only my late Oma’s birthday—who I can’t stop missing—but the results of the election have ushered in days filled with panic, rage, despair, disgust and fear. The best I could get out of my inner cheerleader was FU.

Then I read an article by George Lakoff and I was reminded of something very important. I am in the majority. It’s not about being liberal or conservative, it's about moral conscience and the majority of my friends, of the Americans I know, have it.

Despite the broken value of the electoral college, my majority believes in cultural diversity, marriage equality, religious freedom, peace, protection of the environment, respect for women’s rights and indigenous peoples and the right to lead and express yourself in any way you choose. Why? For no other reason than because we are human and no one human has greater value than any other.

I got that a minority of people elected the current president, a president for the minority. He is the overall loser. Because the majority of us do not seek power and respect by issuing threats, by telling repeated lies, through corruption or control of any person but our self. We do not seek to inspire hate and fear or to lead by coercion and violence and until November 8, we were peacefully living our lives.

Sadly now our peace has been disrupted. But I know now that we are not alone. You are not alone. Although if you’re sensitive, it may feel like that. It can feel like we’ve stepped into a history book circa 1950, or 1920 for that matter. But even if we have, remember that the results of the battles, although hard won, were in our favor. And there are more of us now who are conscious, empowered and who walk in love, than ever.

If you think about what a handful of individuals did on 9/11 and this year in France in hate, imagine what all of us who stand together in peace, equality and justice can do? The good news is that today I’m feeling somewhat better because I’m grateful to stand among all of you, women and men who have organized, who are boldly using your voices, who stand for ALL humanity. We are the majority. Happy holidays!!

Every Drop In The Bucket Counts

Every Drop In The Bucket Counts

As women, we are deeply affected by emotional stress and we easily remember the details of emotional events. Our brains are wired for heightened empathy and we can read the emotions of others simply by looking at their faces or interpreting their tone of voice. It’s why you’ll often hear women say, “I don’t like conflict.” Our brains are massively triggered by conflict, violence, brutality because it puts us at odds with our urge to stay connected, be in harmony with, to nurture and so we would rather defuse it. We are not wired to solve problems that way.